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Expect a child to amaze you... and they will. - Deanna 


There are few things I love more than teaching and few things that break my heart more than seeing amazing children devastated by the effects of peer pressure. It begins in elementary school, intensifies in middle school and defines a child by high school. After working in a school with a violent campus culture and a 50% drop out rate, I had exhausted every teaching method, with little impact to engage these disruptive students. Then I had an idea that changed everything:


Instead of teaching music, I used music to teach kids!


My students loved it! This multi-disciplinary approach, based on child psychology, and student success strategies, transformed the campus into enthusiastic, purpose-driven leaders. Championeers! engages students, supports healthy campus culture, flips peer pressure into peer power and promotes lifelong benefits of IQ-EQ connections—all while teaching children to sing! 


I train all our teachers personally through online courses and annual workshops. I believe so strongly in peer pressure proof schools, I'll personally come do a workshop at your school and show you, step-by-step, how you can peer pressure proof your students and develop and campus culture of self-governanace, innovation and high achievement.


Together we can do this!




Deanna Rhinehart

Deanna is available to speak, teach or put on workshops for:


  • Businesses

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Adult/Youth Leadership Forums

  • PTA Conferences

  • Educators Conferences

  • Principal Conventions

  • Superintendent Conventions

  • Homeschool Organizations

  • Youth Rallies and Retreats

  • Women's Ministry Events

  • Church Conferences


Deanna Rhinehart is a groundbreaker and world forerunner in IQ-EQ Leadership Education and music emulsification curriculum. Her unique background in the fields of education, business, psychology, leadership training, ministry and the performing arts provides a vast range of experience, as she pulls from all these arenas, to answer critical youth issues through IQ-EQ Leadership Eucation. Deanna brings both her passion and her expertise to train you how to inspire, empower and equip students to succeed in school as well as in life. Among Deanna's credits are:


  • Founder of Champions Leadership Institute

  • Founder and President of Champions College

  • Founder of Advanced Ed Solutions

  • Creator of the Championeers!

  • Author of more than 60 books, series and leadership-themed musical productions 

  • Deanna has a BS in Psychology with an emphasis in child and adolescence psychology and music education. She is currently working on her Master's degree.


Deanna does not teach theories—she teaches from real life experiences, over 30 years of research and development, and her own success in mentoring extraordinary individuals. Deanna is available for speaking engagements and live training. Optional Master's level professional development credits are available for her classes.

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