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Business Innovation with an emphases in Family Life Consulting

Principles of Business Entrepreneurship

We'll walk through the development of your personalized business plan. This includes how to reach your 5-year goals, basic business organization, basic budgeting and finance, foundations of marketing and social media, client communication, event planning, software integration, business ethics and leadership.

How to Create Your Marketing Plan

You'll learn the basics of marketing in the creation of your personalized marketing plan. We make it easy for you with our team of professional marketers and designers who have already put together all your marketing materials and promotions. You just pick and choose them from our library when you're ready, personalize them and start the show. 

How to Set Up Your Budget and Books

We're going to develop a financial strategy to accomplish your goals including a monthly and annual budget, QuickBooks basics, billing, accounts receivable and payable, reporting, chart of accounts, filing, tax reporting, state and federal reports, shopping cart integration and merchant accounts. Whoowee, it's a lot, but you will be a pro when we finish this course.

Event Planning & Project Management

I'm going to show you how to create AWESOME EVENTS to promote your business and sales while providing valuable content for your guests! You'll have the whole pre-planned event portfolio to choose from, including our favorite themed home parties, connect parties, Mom's Night Out, PTA workshops, women's church groups, social media and community classes.  

Marketing Communication & Software Integration

You'll learn how to create and connect with your tribe through the basic principles behind our corporate commitment to edifying communication. You'll gain access to our pre-set library of campaigns to engage with your clients as well as how to automate your workflow so you can spend less time managing your business and more time enjoying your family. 

Business Ethics and Leadership

I'll show you how to build and mobilize amazing teams. You'll master the craft of mentorship as you learn how to form your mompreneur team. I'll show you how to develop team culture to feel like family. We'll explore motivational management, service leadership, best business practices, ethics, performance evaluation, goal setting, priority evaluation and conflict resolution.

Peer Power: How to Peer Pressure Proof Your School

Discover how profoundly IQ-EQ connection affects all aspects of education and productivity, including campus culture and how our children process information. I'll show you how campus culture is formed, the role of peer pressure and how you can flip peer pressure into peer empowerment for innovation, self-governance, and high achievement.

Caveman Rock Family Night Adventures

Family Life Consultants are certified to teach all the courses they complete, including our Family Night Adventure Series. Each unit holds critical keys to success that provide greater insights on how to present materials and instruct moms when they ask for advise.

Family Rules

You'll learn how to establish the atmosphere of your home through the seven essential elements of people empowerment. These universal truths are the foundation of Championeers! Family Night Adventures! and will help you fully utilize these tools.

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