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Unit 1: A School Transformed

I'll show you how a school with a 50% drop out rate and a violent campus culture was transformed into a center of creativity and how you can apply the same principles in your school.



Unit 2: Critical Youth Issues

You'll learn just how bad things really are, why 2 million youth attempt suicide each year, how to protect your children, and how you and your parent organization can develop a peer-pressure-proof campus where students are emotionally safe. (Hint: If children felt emotionally safe, 1 out of 4 would not seriously contemplate suicide. I'll show you the hidden causes behind the issues so you can address them before they become issues.) 



Unit 3: The IQ-EQ Music Connection

Learn how the brain really processes information, why only 1% of the population properly utilizes both hemispheres, and how music is one of the only ways to connect the entire brain for decision making. You'll also discover why most character education programs succeed at teaching concepts but fail at instilling internalization for day-to-day application.







Unit 4: Campus Culture

You'll discover the real culprit behind peer pressure, how “Survival of the Fittest” is alive and well on every school campus and how it, when unchanneled, can undermine every aspect of education. I'll show you how the principles of business, marketing, and consumer behavior create your campus culture and how you can reset the parameters to re-define it.



Unit 5: Peer Pressure

You'll discover the roots of peer pressure, how it operates, why it is so powerful, and why it's almost impossible to change. I'll show you how you can flip peer pressure on your campus into peer power through a very simple tool that captivates students and leaves them begging for more! 



Unit 6: Emotional Safety

We'll explore the paramount importance of emotional safety on your campus and how these unseen threats undermine your student's success. I'll show you my magic secret formula that empowers students to transform and maintain their own campus culture for self-governance, innovation and high achievement.






Unit 7: The RHOPE Strategy Overview

I'll teach you the 7 Essential Elements every child must have for empowerment and optimal achievement and how you can implement them on your campus through one, simple tool that does all the work for you!



Unit 8: Conclusion and Application 

You will assemble the information collected in each of your unit worksheets to create an assessment of your school's campus culture, identifying your greatest challenges as well as strengths to create a baseline assessment. Your final project will include a Campus Cultrue Evaluation of your campus by answering the questions provided as well as a strategic plan to improve in each area of the assessment.













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