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Your Business Your Way!


It's crazy simple. Share great mom-e-tips through social meda and earn 20% commission every time someone signs up for Family Nights through your shared post! You also receive commission on sales from affiliates who sign up under you!


Consultants are affiliates who take it one step further. These mompreneurs go through Mom-E-School's Business Innovation program to build their own home-based business as a Family Life Consultant. 


Level - Affiliate


  • Personal/Family Enrichment

  • Extra Cash

  • Social Connection

This is a great way to make $200-$300 extra a month to bridge the gap in your budget for those little extras. Affiliates pay off credit cards, get braces for the kids, save for that dream vacation, or have a little extra pocket money just for you… all while having a great excuse to escape the house to connect with other women.

For Fun!

Level - Director 


  • Personal/Family Enrichment

  • Dream Purchases: College, Car, Trips,

  • Modest Income Replacement

  • Mentorship Relationships

What could you do with $500-$1,000 a month? Could you buy that new house or get the car you've been dreaming of? Could you come home? When you mentor other moms to also become Family Life Consultants, you not only build enriching relationships you are eligible for affiliate compensation from each of their sales! As you enrich your own life and the women you mentor, you all succeed in reaching your dreams.


Level - Sr. Director


  • Personal/Family Enrichment

  • Dream House, Cars, Life-style

  • Moderate to High Income Replacement

  • Mentorship Relationships

  • Achieve Senior-Level Business Success


I like to call this the “Grandchild” level. It’s when directors successfully mentor their mommy team to form and mentor their own mommy teams. Earning potential brings exponential returns at this level providing mompreneurs with a lucrative home-based occupation with part-time hours! This level is for the business minded mom who wants a lucrative income with the flexibility of being a mom first.

Part Time

Level - Executive Director


  • Personal/Family Enrichment

  • Executive Life-style

  • Executive Income

  • Direct Mentorship of Teams

  • Mentorship Relationships

  • Achieve Executive-Level Business Success

This would be like the “Great Grandchild” level. This is the highest level you can achieve and defines you as an executive director. When your momreneur team duplicates itself, then duplicate again, you'll reach executive status and are eligible to receive affiliate compensation from each sale within your mompreneur teams. You'll not only gain the financial freedom you've dreamt of, you'll be empowering women to take back their own lives and empower their entire family!


There is no guarantee of your potential earnings as a Family Life Consultant. Mompreneurs are their own boss, and just as in any business there are many factors to consider. These factors include such things as how much time you invest in your business, your personal drive and initiative, demographics, delivery approach, target clients, regional economy, etc... you get the picture. Actual earnings will vary significantly depending on all factors involved, including interpersonal and communication skills as well as time invested and commitment. 

Sign Up To Be An Affiliate Today and You Could Start Earning Extra Income Within a Few Minutes!


... if you want to be a Family Life Consultant and turn your mommy skills into a heart-centered career, click below.

Let's get started!

You can get started as a Family Life Consultant for as little as $97. I'll send you Caveman Rock Family Night Adventure to immediately implement in your own home along with your first Business Innovation course, Intro to Mompreneurship and Family Life Consulting. This step-by-step overview walks you through the whole program, including your life-success portfolio and application. If you love it, and want to continue, you'll be charged just $97 for 11 more months to complete the Business Innovation program to set up your customized Family Life Consulting business.

Payment Plan of $97.97 for 12 months USD

Coming Soon

One time payment of $997

Coming Soon

Join the party as we count down to the big launch on June 1, 2017!

Each week you'll receive exclusive sneak peeks, FREEBIES, prizes and more

as moms come together to contribute their expertise, questions and ideas in our "love it" or "leave it" giveaways and competitions!

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