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How to get your children to clean their room... and love it!

Getting your children to clean their rooms is a piece of cake if you know how to motivate them. My children loved the Clean The Clutter Game.

  • Gather your children and let them know you are about to play a game, but don’t tell them what it is the first time.

  • Present them with a prize to be awarded at the completion of the game (gummy vitamins, a special treat, TV show, etc.)

  • With all your best excitement, announce that you are going to race up to their room and play the “Capture the Clutter Game!” The rules are that you have 2 minutes to pick up everything. The goal is to see if you can get it all done before the alarm goes off!Yell, “Ready, Set, Go,” set the alarm, and the race is off.

  • At the end of 2 minutes, praise and reward your child for a job well done!

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