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How to protect your family from Seasonal Identity Confusion?

Today I found myself drinking lemonade from my favorite summertime glass, while putting out my fall pumpkin decor' and listening to Amy Grant Christmas music... all at the same time. I'm obviously suffering from Seasonal Identity Confusion.

I blame the mall!

It's true. When I go shopping I'm greeted by a six-foot tall bin of pumpkins, carefully displayed with festive Thanksgiving turkeys and pilgrims. Before I can ponder if it's Halloween or Thanksgiving I see the rows of trick-or-treat candy, costumes and goules for every decor'. Okay, it's Halloween. I knew that. So why are there wall plaques everywhere with the words "Thanksgiving" and "Blessed" on them and even more confusing is the electronic Santa that's already made his debut' with the first of the season's Christmas trees.

Wait, did I miss something? I'm so confused.

I panicked; I was afraid my Seasonal Identity Confusion would be detected and my inadequate mom skills revealed. To avoid exposure, I bought a bag of trick-or-treat candy, (it may or may not make it to Halloween seeing how it's still only September). I picked up a "Thanksgiving" plaque because we should be thankful year-round and I bought a couple Christmas presents to avoid the Christmas Eve rush. There, mom adequacy proven as the other mothers around me followed my lead.

Seasonal Identity Confusion is a real thing. (Okay, so I may have made up the term). Stores actually stack multi-season merchandise on purpose, and it actually does trigger a confused and even semi-panicked response in our psyche. The marketing psychology they are implementing is to create a feeling in the consumer that you are behind and you need to hurry up and shop to catch up.

Moms, to avoid Seasonal Identity Confusion, make a conscious decision to enjoy each season as it comes or you'll lose them in the rush to get to the next one. Start a family tradition to celebrate each holiday. Make a really big deal out of it and help your family learn to enjoy the moments of their lives by resisting the artificial expediency of tomorrow.

Watch for a special Family Night Adventure I'll be giving away for October. These are some of our family's favorite Halloween traditions.

Together, we can do this.



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